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  CITO Products, Inc.
N8779 Hwy. X
P.O. Box 90
Watertown, WI 53094
Tel: 920-261-2606
Fax: 920-261-1350
About CITO Products, Inc.

CITO Products, Inc. Was established in 1965. Since 1980, we have developed cooling products for the plastic industry.


CITO invented the MoldMonitor a mold surface temperature controller  which uses pulse cooling technology to cool the mold. This method is proven to give the highest part quality and the greatest production yield at the lowest cost.


The StackFlow product line was developed to compliment the MoldMonitor , as a way to control the water flow to the various circuits of the mold.


The InLine Manifold allows pre-plumbing and pre-testing of flow and leakage, along with fast mold changes.


The RotoFlow  visual flow turbine is used with the FlowReadout  for flow measurements.


The ThermoFlow Analyzer measures flow in GPM or LPM and also gives temperatures (BTU) calculations.


These products alone or in combination can help you optimize your process, and improve your profitability. Let us show you how.....


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N8779 Hwy X    P.O. Box  90    Watertown, WI 53094    USA

Tel: (920) 261-2606    Fax: (920) 261-1350

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